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We Begin

Welcome to the new school year. We had a wonderful time over the summer in our camps which staged 4 performances each of which was full of astonishing moments. (Special thanks should go to Kristin Drozek for a relentless commitment to awesomeness which included, amongst many feats of creative wizardry, the creation of a 9 foot gingerbread costume which had to be worn by two people.)

Hopefully some of the highlights of the music performances were seen on the Thacher Facebook page.

This is one personal favorite from the very first week:

As we look into the fall we have some interesting events on the horizon.

Firstly we are creating a new AP business which is music oriented. The mission of work will be to bring Thacher music out to the world at large, focussing specifically on hospitals and retirement homes in the area. The current aim is have one performance a month. There are 5 roles to the business which will executed by the students: Booking, Publicity, Road Management, Tech, and Performing.

The business will likely need some parent involvement, so if you have time and are willing to help please email me immediately.

We are also hosting a visit from one of the world’s greatest rhythm artists, Loire Cotler. This will be in early November (details will follow). Loire is an expert in the Indian art of Konnakol. Konnakol involves keeping track of a cycle of beats with hand gestures while vocalizing subdivisions of the beat. It is one the most powerful ways to understand how rhythm and time work. Loire’s visit will include an all school assembly where the Upper El and AP students will present work in Konnakol, as well some playful exploration which includes the whole school.

Below is a link to Loire’s work. I hope you take the time to watch it.

Thanks to everyone for your support to the school and music.

Best wishes.


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