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Concert to Benefit the AAAS

On March 3rd, 2017, the Studio Music program held a concert to benefit the American Association for the Advancement of Science. We raised $400, which we used to buy an AAAS membership for the school.

The AAAS seeks to “advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.” To fulfill this mission, the AAAS Board has set the following broad goals:

Enhance communication among scientists, engineers, and the public;
Promote and defend the integrity of science and its use;
Strengthen support for the science and technology enterprise;
Provide a voice for science on societal issues;
Promote the responsible use of science in public policy;
Strengthen and diversify the science and technology workforce;
Foster education in science and technology for everyone;
Increase public engagement with science and technology; and
Advance international cooperation in science.

Here are the videos of the amazing performances which the kids prepared.

Set List:
!. Express Yourself
2. Scars to Your Beautiful
3. Cool Kids
4. Crazy Girls
5. The Cup Song
6. Tom Boy
7. Unwritten
8. Back to December
9. Radio Active
10. Hall of Fame
11. Too Many Irons in the Fire
12. Lucky’s Original Song
13. Sweatshirt
14. Beautiful World
15. I Wrote a Letter
16. Boston

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