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IMG_1385Welcome to the Thacher Music Blog…

Autonomous Music Productions, AP students at Brain Rehab Center

Posted by Victor on June 25, 2017

AMP is our Adolescent Program’s music business. The AP students book the shows and do the work of producing. We concentrate on playing at Retirement Villages and Nursing homes. This was their presentation at Braintree Manor, a brain injury rehab center. It was one of the more moving acts of service provided by our students […]

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The Community Concert

Posted by Victor on May 18, 2017

The theme of this year’s concert was Songs of Conscience. It grew out of the fact that for the first time ever a songwriter was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. In looking at what was teachable about Bob Dylan’s work, it was easy to see that his discipline of non-materialism, the valor of his […]

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Performance and Will

Posted by Victor on June 27, 2016

This past year’s performances: The Thacher Book Fair The Peace Day Ceremony The Hunger Banquet Loire Cotler Christmas Caroling Amp at Fuller Village Amp at Winter Hill Amp at Braintree Manor, Brain Rehab Facility Amp/Studio Music/Alum Benefit to raise awareness for the Blue Hill Observatory at University Station Mall Studio Music Concert Beatles in school […]

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Posted by Victor on December 15, 2015

A cornerstone of musicianship is the work of audiation. This word was coined by music education pioneer, Edwin Gordon. It is the ability to hear a range of sounds and musical ideas in your mind. There is much going on these days in the field of education to do with mental coordination of the senses […]

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Learning and Presenting

Posted by Victor on October 23, 2015

On Monday, November 16th at 1pm Thacher will be visited by world reknown konnakol artist Loire Cotler. PARENTS ARE MOST WELCOME TO ATTEND!!! (just come!) Loire has spent her life studying the South Indian art of vocal rhythms. You can watch her at work in a video at bottom. The Upper El and AP programs […]

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