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IMG_1385Welcome to the Thacher Music Blog…

a tiny bit more regarding the elevator speech…..

Posted by Victor on November 25, 2017

from my last post: “As the students progress in age these abilities are scaffolded into greater intricacy and duration and bring in elements of meaning, narrative, identity, and social awakening.” from our school’s bookfair at Barnes and Nobles:

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The elevator pitch and the National Anthem

Posted by Victor on November 24, 2017

As I mentioned in the past couple of posts, I recently spoke to several dozen prospective parents about the music program at our big open house event. Sometimes, because of the amount of parents coming into the room, I have to give a synopsis that is rather quick. When it gets like this, I rather […]

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A peculiar lesson

Posted by Victor on November 22, 2017

In my struggle to represent the work that we do to prospective parents on our open house day, I was reminded of one of the more unique lessons which arose with nearly all of the students in the school this year. One way that I sometimes describe what I wish to bring in my teaching […]

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Context for things I have said….

Posted by Victor on

Our recent open house reminded me that I have been neglectful in my promise to myself maintain an effort to always explain more elegantly, and more clearly, the nature of my work with the students, and how it will scientifically provide a better life for them. It was helpful that this realization was coupled with […]

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